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    2. Shanghai Prosperity Power Technology Co., Ltd
      Doble Engineering Company (hereinafter shorted as Doble) was founded in 1920 by Frank Doble, a professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA. It is a global well-known company, headquarted in 123 Felton Street, Marlborough City, Massachusetts State, 01752 USA. Doble was acquired by ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE) in 2007, but continues to be operated as a stand-alone company.
      Now in 110 countries, Doble Engineering Company has been helping clients in the electric & power industry to improve operations and to optimize system performance for nearly a century. Doble is an internationally recognized energy industry leader in testing, diagnosing and monitoring the health of critical assets, and can offer a comprehensive and extensive scope of Doble solution for the global power industry, including products and services.
      Doble has been represented in China since 1992, and Doble China has been dedicating to help Chinese clients overcome their challenges, no matter how big or how small.
      For more detailed info, please visit their official website at www.doble.com.

      Vanguard Instruments Company, Inc. (hereinafter shorted as Vanguard) was founded in 1991, and located in Ontario city, California state, USA. Over 20 years, Vanguard has been all along focus on design, development and production of test instruments for global power industry. Vanguard offers a wide range of diagnostic test instrument that accurately and efficiently measures the health of critical power equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers, protective relays and so on.  
      In 2017, Vanguard was acquired by Doble, and became a part of Doble. Currently Vanguard is a very important branch company of Doble.
      For more detailed info, please visit their official website at www.vanguard-instruments.com.

      Shanghai Prosperity Power Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter shorted as SPPT), was established in Shanghai city, China. Actively following the calls of China government on expanding imports, SPPT has been dedicating to import some high-tech and equipments from abroad, then resell to our Chinese clients with local better technical supports and services together.
      Currently SPPT has been appointed by Doble as one of authorized international distributors with respect to Vanguard products and Doble Lab services, with the Corporate Business License and the Import & Export License. 

      Contact us:

      Shanghai Prosperity Power Technology Co., Ltd (shorted as SPPT)

      Address: Room 118, Building 20, No. 1-42, 83 Lane Hong Xiang North Road, Wan Xiang Town, Pu Dong District, Shanghai, 201313, P.R. China
      Cell: +86-135 6455 1878
      Email: sales@spptglobal.com;        
      Website: www.umjot.com